Darius Bell and the Crystal Bees

Darius Bell and the Crystal Bees

Odo Hirsch

Language: English

Pages: 256

ISBN: 1742376835

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The bees on the Bell estate are dying. There'll be no more delicious honey, and without the bees to pollinate flowers, no more fruit and vegetables. No more of Mrs Simpson's glorious pies and cakes! Worse still, Mr Fisher the gardener will have to leave the estate, along with his family. Darius Bell is determined that something must be done, even if the dastardly Mayor is against him...Then Darius has a great idea. But he will need help from his friends and family to make it work. And he must drive a hard bargain with Mrs Lightman, the school principal and a dragon if ever there was one...A sequel to the award-winning Darius Bell and the Glitter Pool, this is a very funny story of problem-solving, teamwork and pollination...

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think, Micheline? Isn’t the taste a little cleaner?’ Darius’s mother took another bite. ‘I’m not sure I’d say that, Hector. I liked the previous recipe.’ ‘So did I. I have nothing against the previous recipe, Micheline. It served us well for years. But Mrs Simpson must try new things from time to time, mustn’t she? If she doesn’t try new things, everything she makes will always be the same.’ ‘I thought you liked the things she makes,’ said Micheline. ‘I do! But she can try new things as well.

had been keeping bees on the estate around Bell House for as long as Darius could remember. They lived in a building that had once been the buttery, and they also kept chickens in what had once been the dairy. The box they had been examining contained one of their beehives, and there were another hundred or more scattered around the estate. Like the Fishers, the Deavers gave a certain amount of their produce to the Bell family and sold the rest of it at the market. It was a perfectly good

and they would sit in his writing room and dip pistachios and dates in pumpkin-flower honey, washing them down with small glasses of mint tea. Mrs Simpson, the Bell family cook, also made pumpkin honey cake, which was dark, sweet and rich, although now that he thought about it Darius wasn’t sure if the name meant she used pumpkin and honey – or honey from pumpkin flowers – or both. It was one of those names that meant one thing until something made you think about it and suddenly you realised it

something you could see and hear and touch and smell and taste every day in every place in the world around you. He loved using examples from things that his students experienced, in the belief that this would get them as excited about science as he was. The lenses on someone’s spectacles fogging up when they came into the warmth of the classroom on a frosty winter’s morning would set him off teaching about condensation, freezing, melting and various other allegedly fascinating qualities of

ancest- ors, they honoured everything we have all laboured to build together over the years.’ ‘Their costumes were pretty tatty!’ yelled one of the teachers from the Adam Williamson School for Gifted Children, who could see where this was heading. ‘What about you?’ shouted a teacher from another school. ‘Enrolling a midget opera star to sing and pretending she’s one of your students!’ ‘She is a student!’ ‘If she’s a student, I’m a cucumber!’ ‘Your students looked like cucumbers!’ ‘And

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