Crooked Hills

Crooked Hills

Cullen Bunn

Language: English

Pages: 258

ISBN: 0982578946

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

For Charlie and his brother Alex, an unexpected trip to visit their Aunt Mary in the haunted town of Crooked Hills turns into a life-changing adventure, forcing them to confront local bullies, hell hounds, dead witches, and girls with slingshots! A throwback to classic adventures like that of the Hardy Boys, mixed with the creepiness of GOOSEBUMPS and CIRQUE DU FREAK, Cullen Bunn's CROOKED HILLS blends mystery and adventure to weave a fun and unforgettable story of will, friendship and family bonds.

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us. I was about to ask him about the bully when another voice called out from the trees. “Ask me, you were pretty stupid to rile one of the Crewes boys.” A figure stepped out of hiding. “Brave but stupid.” A girl about my age emerged from the woods. She had red hair tied back into a long ponytail. Her eyes were green and sparkling. A thick patch of freckles ran across the bridge of her nose. She might have been cute... if she didn’t look like such a tomboy. She wore rolled up jeans that had

trip. “Tell you what,” Mom said as we rounded a curve. “Why don’t you check under your seat. I got you something that might cheer you up. I was going to wait until we got to your aunt and uncle’s place, but I’ll go ahead and give it to you now.” I’ll admit, she piqued my interest. For a half-second, I wondered if she’d gone ahead and gotten me a couple of the DS Lite games I wanted. That wasn’t much like my Mom, though. My thirteenth birthday was only a couple of months away, and she liked to

around the room, examining the earthen floor closely. “What are you looking for?” Lisa asked. “To be honest, I’m not sure,” I said. I paced around the room, shining the flashlight across the oil stained ground. “Come on, Maddie,” I whispered under my breath. “Give me a sign, will ya?” I noticed little sprigs of grass and weeds breaking through the soil here and there. It wasn’t much. The vegetation had a hard time growing in the shade. But as I looked around, I noticed one area where the

put much thought into the origins of the expression. “Gross!” Alex said, even though he had missed most of the event. “What’s so gross about it?” Uncle Shorty asked. “Don’t you like fried chicken?” “Yeah, but I never saw anyone kill a chicken before.” “Well, you didn’t think we breaded and fried them while they were still alive and kicking, did you?” “Do they always do that?” I asked. “Run around without their heads.” “Not always,” Shorty said, “but sometimes.” “But how do they live

cried. I hit the ground hard enough to knock the air from my lungs. Trembling, I picked myself up. Maddie, still hovering an inch or so above the ground, slid toward Lisa, Marty, and Alex. “Wait!” I cried. “You are an annoying little boy.” She turned. “I have much to do. What do you want?” I steadied myself. “This isn’t about what I want,” I said. “This is about what you want.” “What are you talking about?” “We have your ring,” I said. Maddie looked at her bare finger. She screeched in

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