Complete Works of Robert Louis Stevenson

Complete Works of Robert Louis Stevenson

Robert Louis Stevenson

Language: English

Pages: 4982


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

* ALL 12 Novels and all UPDATED with concise introductions, giving valuable contextual information
* Many of the texts are illustrated with the original Victorian artwork, including TREASURE ISLAND and DR JEKYLL AND MR. HYDE
* Every short story and short story collection
* Front no-nonsense contents table allowing easy navigation around the colossal file
* Texts organised into scholarly chronological order and divided into literary forms
* The complete poetry and plays
* ALL of the collaboration works with other authors
* Even includes the complete letters, with their contents table
* Hundreds of images relating to Stevenson’s life and works
* The text has been carefully formatted for your enjoyment
* Numerous images related to Stevenson's life and works
* No less than three BONUS biographies – explore Stevenson’s adventurous life by contemporary biographers – all with their own special contents tables

Barry Lyndon

My Goat Ate Its Own Legs

Romanticism (4th Edition)

A Room with a View

Patrick Brontë: Father of Genius














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and at every step we took the voices of the buccaneers rang nearer. Soon we could hear their footfalls as they ran, and the cracking of the branches as they breasted across a bit of thicket. I began to see we should have a brush for it in earnest, and looked to my priming. “Captain,” said I, “Trelawney is the dead shot. Give him your gun; his own is useless.” They exchanged guns, and Trelawney, silent and cool, as he had been since the beginning of the bustle, hung a moment on his heel to see

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anybody did buy over our head — I tell you, Loudon, he would think this town gone crazy; he could no more get business through on the city front than I can dance; schooners, divers, men — all he wanted — the prices would fly right up and strike him.” “But how did you get in?” I asked. “You were once an outsider like your neighbours, I suppose?” “I took hold of that thing, Loudon, and just studied it up,” he replied. “It took my fancy; it was so romantic, and then I saw there was boodle in the

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