Codley And The Big Storm: Together We Can

Codley And The Big Storm: Together We Can

Lisl Fair, Ismedy Prasetya

Language: English

Pages: 40


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Codley the octopus lives in a shipwreck in the ocean with many other aquatic animals. Their home is destroyed by a big storm. Each animal finds a way to help get things back together again.

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cookies and seaweed stew. Where can we set up our kitchen?” Codley laughed in surprise and pointed to a cleared area on the sandy sea floor. “Right over there! Thank you for coming!” Codley turned to Pokie and the others. “Come on, everyone! We have worked hard today—it’s time for a party!” - THE END - About the Author Lisl Fair has a master’s degree in speech-language therapy and audiology. She left private practice to spend more time with her four children and took up a

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What can we do?" echoed Pokie. "W-With such a huge mess, how can we ever fix our home? Where will we go?" Codley looked at the destroyed shipwreck. “I’m not going anywhere,” he said. “I love my home. There must be a way we can repair it.” Codley swam around, thinking about what he could do. "I don't know how much help it will be," he said, "but I bet I can organize these planks!" He stretched his eight legs out in all directions, grabbed eight planks, and placed them in a pile. "Pokie,

current. "See, Pokie! I knew you could do it!" Codley said. Codley grabbed eight more planks, and Pokie darted over to another sand pile. "Hey!" said the lobster, who had been watching them. "I can use my claws to pick up these broken coral pieces!" He snapped at a piece by his feet, and tossed it to the side of the shipwreck. "I can slither in between planks and clear out the pebbles!" said the eel. A giant manta ray passed overhead. "Excuse me!" Codley called up to the ray. "Do

you think you can help us in any way? We're trying to clean up our home." The manta ray swooped toward Codley. "Maybe I can move away some of this sand," he said. He flapped his great side fins, and sent water rushing toward one of the sand piles. The pile was washed away. "That's great!" said Codley. "Do you have any manta ray friends that could help?" "Sure," said the ray. "I will be back with them right away!" "Who needs help?" A loud voice boomed behind Codley and Pokie. A huge

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