Charlotte Temple and Lucy Temple (Penguin Classics)

Charlotte Temple and Lucy Temple (Penguin Classics)

Language: English

Pages: 320

ISBN: 0140390804

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

"Charlotte Temple" tells the story of a young English girl who elopes to America, only to be cruelly abandoned. The sequel "Lucy Temple" continues the original tale, telling of the experiences of Lucy, Charlotte's orphaned daughter.

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consider well before she made any rash vows. The distressed fair one dried her tears, listened patiently, and at length declared she believed the surest method to revenge the slight put on her by the son, would be to accept the father: so said so done, and in a few days she became the Countess D—. Temple heard the news with emotion: he had lost his father’s favour by avowing his passion for Lucy, and he saw now there was no hope of regaining it: “But he shall not make me miserable,” said he.

the attention of a young man who was upon a visit at a gentleman’s seat in the neighbourhood: she had met him several times clandestinely; and being invited to come out that evening, and eat some fruit and pastry in a summer-house belonging to the gentleman he was visiting, and requested to bring some of the ladies with her, Charlotte being her favourite, was fixed on to accompany her. The mind of youth eagerly catches at promised pleasure: pure and innocent by nature, it thinks not of the

befitting their station, and the old mother also appeared in better habiliments, whilst a healthy looking young woman was busied about some domestic concerns. Every thing wore such a look of comfort, that Lady Mary thought she had mistaken the place. But the old woman recognized her, and rising, began to say how lucky her good ladyship’s visit had been to them all, for that morning two beautiful young ladies came to see them. “Mayhap,” continued she, “they be your sisters, though they were so

things have, I believe, little to do with love.—” “But they have a great deal to do with prudence, I conceive,” said the agitated Rector, pausing a moment from the perusal of the letter. “Sir Stephen,” he at length proceeded, “has promised to settle half his fortune on me, as a voluntary act of gratitude after I am his wife, and in return for this liberality I have given my little fortune into his hands. He talks of purchasing a peerage, and I begin to have different ideas of nobility since he

friend Haynes should not be made in less than six months after his departure. “Besides,” thought Craftly, “Theresa might mention my attentions to her mother, and if I bring myself to marry the girl I might be plagued from that quarter about a settlement, and subject myself to have inquiries made which it may be neither easy nor convenient to answer.” “I have been thinking, my dear Theresa,” said he one evening, as seated in the porch they were enjoying the full splendor of a harvest moon, “I

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