Cauldron Spells

Cauldron Spells

C. J. Busby

Language: English

Pages: 135


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Max Pendragon is not looking forward to attending Morgana Le Fay's summer Spell School. Not only is his battered cauldron producing slimy sludge instead of perfect spells, but ever since he and his sister Olivia foiled evil Morgana's plot against King Arthur, they have been wary of her plans for revenge.

Max and Olivia soon discover that Spell School has more in store for them than they ever imagined. With the help of Merlin and a mysterious bard, Caradoc, will they be able to outwit Morgana and save Arthur for a second time?

Join Max and Olivia for more magical fun in their second hilarious adventure!

Eve of the Emperor Penguin (Magic Tree House, Book 40)

The Ship of Adventure (Adventure Series, Book 6)

The Tower of the Elf King (The Secrets of Droon, Book 9)

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have been. He was very nearly put in a pie. If it hadn’t been for Caradoc, he would have been.” “Caradoc?” said Olivia with distaste. “That traitor?” “Yes. He might be working for Morgana, but he’s still a friend of dragons,” said Ferocious. “We followed Snotty and Caradoc to Great-Aunt Wilhelmina’s cavern, but then we got caught. Snotty was all for chopping Adolphus into little bite-sized morsels but Caradoc wouldn’t hear of it. Bad luck to eat dragons, he said. So they just left us in the

Caradoc sheepishly. “Sorry you had to wait such a long time. I had to go back there after I’d returned to the castle with Adrian Hogsbottom.” “Snotty,” said Max, automatically. “Sorry?” said Caradoc. “No – Snotty,” said Olivia. “It’s his name. Adrian’s name. It’s really Snotty.” “I see,” said Caradoc, and nodded. “Yes, I can see that it would be. Excellent. I won’t make that mistake again.” He grinned. “Right then – how much do you both know?” “First,” said Olivia. “We need to ask you –

snarling, teeth bared, muscles tensed to spring. There was a pause, a moment of stillness, and then Adolphus threw himself forward joyfully and breathed an enormous flame of orange-red fire. He turned and leapt sideways, crouched and leapt again, and then hurled himself right up to the dogs shouting, “Whoopee! Let’s play! Can’t catch me! Come and try!” and tore off through the trees with all seven slavering dogs tearing after him. “Flame and thunder!” said Arthur. “I thought my last hour had

the castle gate and down the muddy track leading north. A Traveller in Disguise The rain continued to fall steadily on Castle Perilous, trickling down the stone walls, dripping through holes in the roof, gusting in through the windows and making the tapestries damp. A puddle of water was spreading across the floor in a particularly damp and dark corner of the least-used turret of the castle, where Olivia was going over her plans, for the fifteenth time, with Adolphus. “No, Adolphus. You need

Spell School, I won’t be much use to Merlin stuck in a dungeon for a few weeks.” “But a sword?” said Ferocious, eyebrows raised. “You’ll never hit Snotty with a sword, not when you’re riding a horse! Use a bit of sense, Max. Chuck a bit of frogspell at him!” “Ferocious – you’re a genius!” said Max, relieved, and reached for his saddlebags. There it was – the almost full bottle of blue gunk. Snotty was cantering towards them, while Sir Boris wielded his sword manfully, holding off all five of

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