Cannibal Adventure

Cannibal Adventure

Willard Price

Language: English

Pages: 107

ISBN: 1782950206

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Hal and Roger Hunt are visiting New Guinea, one of the wildest islands in the world. But their adventure becomes deadly when the brothers discover that man-eating crocodiles and deadly snakes aren't the only things after their blood. They are pursued by an old enemy, who is out for revenge.

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the warden. ‘It’s too good for me,’ said Kaggs modestly. ‘I don’t need all this.’ The warden swelled up like a pouter pigeon. This man’s, gratitude pleased him, ‘Is there anything more I can do for your ‘Nothing at all,’ said Kaggs. ‘Except one thing.’ ‘Name it.’ ‘I should like to have the privilege of preaching now and then to my fellows. They need the good word and, although I am not an ordained minister, I can perhaps give them some inspiration and comfort from this book.’ And he took out

sat down in the swivel chair. He pressed the button. In a moment the door into the corridor opened and a guard appeared. ‘I’ll have my breakfast here,’ said Kaggs. ‘Coffee and rolls?’ ‘A bit more than that. A melon, hot cereal, bacon and eggs, a steak, and a bottle of champagne.’ The guard stared, open-mouthed, then hurried away to do his master’s bidding. Kaggs leaned back with a broad smile on his ugly face. He already relished the fat breakfast that was to come. And he appreciated himself

great shower around the bird, so that the bird itself could hardly be seen and the sky was simply full of brilliant balls of feathers. Some looked like flying fountains, some like showers of colour, some like explosions of fireworks. No wonder that, until the law stopped it, fashionable ladies of Europe and America wore these magnificent plumes on their hats, and you could tell how rich the lady was by counting the number of plumes and multiplying by �50 or �100 for each plume. In some cases

and did not appear to mind being fondled and then placed in a sack. This seemed to be the morning for marsupials. The next was a cuscus and Pavo, who had the keen nose of a savage, caught its smell and found it among the leaves on the ground. ft had a lovely woolly coat, a long tail and very big round eyes. ‘We roast it - it tastes very good.’ ‘You won’t roast this one,’ Hal said. ‘It is something Dad especially asked us to get.’ It was Roger who found the bandicoot, another marsupial about

bulkhead. With forty of the deadliest snakes on earth swarming in that cabin it’s as sure as shooting that both those brats and the captain are as dead as doornails. And the chief too. Now I can enjoy life. I’ll sail the schooner back to Thursday Island, disguise myself, take another name, and go back to pearl trading. I am really quite pleased with myself. Not everybody could have done such a neat job. Four dead, and not one bit of proof that I had anything to do with it.”’ Hal looked at Kaggs

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