Callsign: King - Book 2 - Underworld (a Jack Sigler - Chess Team Novella)

Callsign: King - Book 2 - Underworld (a Jack Sigler - Chess Team Novella)

Jeremy Robinson, Sean Ellis

Language: English

Pages: 186

ISBN: 0984042318

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Strange things have always happened in the Superstition Mountains of Arizona... Bizarre lights, reports of cave entrances that appear and then vanish, hundreds of mysterious disappearances...and rumors of monstrous creatures that inhabit a labyrinthine underworld. When a terrifying accident on an Arizona highway leads to a military exclusion zone and a cover-up of staggering proportions, Jack Sigler-Callsign: King, field leader of the elite and ultra-secret covert Chess Team-joined by his closest friend, archaeologist George Pierce, sets out into the desert, intent on discovering the truth. Assisted by a beautiful paranormal investigator, dogged by soldiers intent on preserving the quarantine and pursued by a relentless legendary hitman, King soon finds himself in a race against time to prevent all out war with the creatures that inhabit the underworld.

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what the economic hardships of a small mine had to do with the attacks by the Mogollon Monsters. It was evident that her new investigative partner saw a connection, but he had hardly said a word to her since leaving the road surreptitiously following the vehicle he had seen leaving the military camp. Nina hadn’t actually seen the SUV; they had been driving without lights, and she had only caught a few glimpses of the other vehicle’s tail lights in the distance. “The mine looks completely shut

geographically proximal coin to use as anobol. He put the peso back, exactly as it had been and moved to the next body in line. He winced as everything in the objective lens grew painfully bright, and lowered the monocular, blinking away the bright spots. De Bord had entered the chamber, using his flashlight to show the way. “Damn it,” the soldier complained, keeping his voice low in spite of his irritation. “You call this takin’ a look? Those things won’t take kindly to you violatin’ their

hand. The cracked screen was blank. The hum repeated…from Sokoloff’s body. King rifled through the man’s pockets until he found the Russian’s phone. He tapped the screen to display the message: Status report requested. King realized that he held in his hand a direct link to Brainstorm. One of the oldest maxims of war was: “Know your enemy,” but King knew nothing about Brainstorm. Was it, as Deep Blue had speculated, an artificially intelligent computer network? Or was it just an ordinary

something caught his eye and he stuck his head in through the opening where the driver’s side window had been. Lying on the floor, covered in tiny particles of broken glass, was a smartphone. He picked it up and swiped a gloved thumb across the display to wake the device. The screen immediately lit up and showed a live-action image of the interior of the car; the video-camera function was actively recording. “Holy shit,” he breathed. Someone had been shooting footage of the accident, and

now believed to be the absolute truth. The man’s comment was strange, almost emotionless, but Dodge’s attention was fixed on what he perceived to be the more immediate concern. Okay, he’s following us. And I thought I heard someone call my name back at the Clarion Building. But why did he pull back when he saw me? He thought about Pendleton’s telegram: "Urgent I see you." What if the urgency of the situation owed, not to some breakthrough discovery, but a threat to the Outpost’s security? Dodge

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