Calling All Engines! (Thomas & Friends)

Calling All Engines! (Thomas & Friends)

Richard Courtney

Language: English

Pages: 24

ISBN: 0375831193

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Thomas and the Really Useful Engines are working hard getting the new airport ready for the grand opening. Then a terrible storm slows them down, and soon it is clear that all the engines are going to have to work together. The steamies and the diesels have never gotten along very well, but Lady appears in Thomas’ dream and tells him it will be all right. But can they count on help from the biggest diesel of them all–Diesel 10?

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gathered at the coaling stop. The steam engines and the diesels were all lined up. Thomas blew his whistle. “Steamies and diesels need to work together,” chuffed Thomas. “If the airport doesn’t open, it will be bad for all the engines! Both steam engines and diesel engines need passengers and freight to be useful. If we work together, we can get the job done!” puffed Thomas. All of the engines agreed. After that, the engines worked harder than ever. They hauled bricks and timber and cleared

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arrived. “Stinky steamies in the way again,” mumbled Arry. “Why do we have to work near them?” grumbled Bert. This made Thomas and Percy cross. They didn’t want to work near the diesels either. The diesels were oily, and they seemed very different to the steamies. Thomas, Percy, Arry, and Bert worked at the airport all afternoon. They shunted freight cars full of bricks and tar. The diesels bumped Thomas and biffed Percy. “Dirty diesels,” moaned Percy. “I don’t like them!” Thomas and Percy

for the bridge. He puffed into the builder’s yard to pick up the pots of paint. But Diesel was in the yard, too. “Now I’ll show Thomas who’s best,” Diesel whispered. And he gave the freight cars an extra-hard shunt. Paint pots flew into the air and splattered down … … all over Thomas! Thomas looked very silly, indeed. “Spotty boiler,” laughed Diesel, and he rolled away. “I’ll show those diesels,” Thomas huffed. So the next time Thomas saw Arry, he gave him a biff. And when Arry saw James,

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