Borgon the Axeboy and the Prince's Shadow

Borgon the Axeboy and the Prince's Shadow

Kjartan Poskitt

Language: English

Pages: 44


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Borgon the Axeboy and his friends are going to watch the Shadow Trials - the most dangerous contest in the Lost Desert. But they didn't mean to join in! Then one of the contestants challenges Borgon . . . and barbarians NEVER refuse a challenge! After all, all he has to do is race up a deathly mountain, cross a sabre-tooth bear pit, avoid the vultures and escape a skeleton. What could possibly go wrong?

With Asterix-style illustrations from award-winning author/illustrator Philip Reeve, this series is set to have you rolling in the desert with laughter.

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care how hot it was or even how dead it was, just so long as it was big. TUB-ARP TUB-ARP! came the noise again. Borgon’s mum came hurrying out from the back of the cave. Fulma was a tall slim savage with long fingers, mad spiky hair and dark narrow eyes. ‘Did you hear that?’ she asked. ‘I wonder what it is?’ ‘Whatever it is, it’s very bad manners,’ said Borgon, doing a BURP. ‘I can hardly hear myself eat.’ TUB-ARP TUB-ARP! Borgon’s dad came out of the back of the cave to join them.

already thrown the tongue. It hit Akabbah right in the face and stuck there. As the tall savage scraped the mess out of his eyes, Borgon caught the end of the sword in the curve of his axe blade. He gave it a sharp twist, the sword pinged free and Akabbah fell backwards. Akabbah leapt up to attack again, then saw that the end of his sword was curled up. He tried to stab it into Borgon’s stomach, but it just rolled up even more and made a little DOY YOY YOING! noise. ‘Ha ha ha!’ laughed the

back, the challengers have to race up to collect a ruby each to show they’ve been there. The last one back loses.’ ‘Why do they send a Bigfoot?’ asked Hunjah. ‘Because the Bigfoots know their way around,’ said Grizzy. ‘And those are the Mountains of Chaos. A lot of people go there and never find their way back again.’ ‘So they die?’ said Hunjah. ‘Of course,’ said Grizzy. ‘And if you die you’re not allowed to do the next trial. That’s the rules.’ ‘Look!’ said Mungoid. ‘There’s the Bigfoot

‘Quammy!’ she said. ‘Quammy quammy quammy!’ Borgon saw the duck was staring at two ragged dots. ‘Quammy,’ said the duck. ‘Your mummy isn’t one of those.’ said Borgon. ‘Those are just the vultures over the stage … Oh!’ Suddenly Borgon knew which way to go, and it was all thanks to the baby duck! He made his way towards the two dots, leaping over rocks and scrambling down ledges. It wasn’t long before he heard voices calling: ‘Borgon! Borgon, are you there?’ It was Grizzy and Mungoid and

lunged up and tried to swipe a giant claw at her. GURR-ARGHH! ‘Behave yourself,’ said Madreesh. GURR-ARGHH! ‘I said behave!’ she said sharply. She thrust the end of her staff down at the bear, and waggled the silver crystal in front of the snarling face. The great beast tried to shy away, but as the crystal twisted and flickered in the sunlight the bear couldn’t take its eyes off it. Suddenly the dame flicked the end of the staff upwards. The beast fell over backwards and collapsed on to a

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