Biggles and the Blue Moon

Biggles and the Blue Moon

W. E. Johns

Language: English

Pages: 125

ISBN: 0340041501

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Biggles is asked to help a Chinese resident of Malaysia, called Lin Seng, move his unique pearl collection to London. Amongst this priceless collection is a superb pearl known as "the Blue Moon of Asia". Flying out to Malaysia and over Taihan, Seng's fantastic home, Biggles finds no suitable landing place. Going to Kuala Lumpur, Biggles makes contact with one of Seng's business managers called Tong. He tells Biggles that telephone contact has been lost with Taihan. Biggles and Algy hire a car and drive out to investigate. Finding a break in the telegraph lines, Biggles discovers the body of a Post Office worker sent out to repair the fault. The lines have been cut and when Biggles fetches the local police, the body has disappeared. Pressing on to Lin Seng's home at Taihan, Biggles finds he is under siege from thieves who want to steal his pearl collection. Twenty loyal workers defend Seng. Algy uses these workers to start to clear an overgrown golf course to turn it into a makeshift landing strip. The situation takes a turn for the worse when news is received that fifty Indonesian guerrillas have landed and are suspected to be making for Taihan. Biggles decides to try to break out, to get to Kuala Lumpur whilst Algy finishes the airstrip. Here he can alert the Malaysian Government to the Indonesian incursion and bring the plane to Taihan to land and collect Lin Seng and his pearls. Leaving by car with Ayart, one of Seng's servants, Biggles is brought to a halt and captured by the thieves in the jungle. Algy decides to block the entrance to the golf course by destroying a fallen tree over a crocodile infested ditch. Using gelignite, he blows the tree to pieces and this helps facilitate Biggles' escape because the thieves were taking Biggles to the golf course and they are caught in the explosion. Finishing the airstrip, Algy and Lin Seng are preparing for evacuation when the Indonesian troops attack. Biggles arrives by plane and with him come Malaysian Government soldiers. Algy saves Lin Seng from a murderous attack in an effort to steal his pearls and he is finally flown to safety. The picture on the dust cover shows Algy about to blow-up the tree bridge under a watching moon.

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mixed breeds to be found on the Malay Peninsula. The white man approached the tree confidently and had taken the first step on it, with the obvious intention of crossing over, when Biggles spoke. ‘That’s far enough,’ he said shortly. ‘Where do you think you’re going?’ The man stopped. His eyes roved swiftly, seeking the speaker. Biggles stood up, revealing himself. ‘You’re not coming over here,’ he said curtly. ‘I warned you to keep off this property. It’s private. So turn round and go back

the ground near a clump of bamboos. It did not move. He couldn’t remember seeing it before. Cautiously, pistol in hand, nerves taut, expecting the silence to be shattered by a shot, he made his way towards it. Nothing happened. He reached the object. It was, as he had begun to suspect, a man. Stooping, he peered into the face. It was Cortello. He was dead. What had caused his death was not evident. Actually, Algy wasted no time trying to find out. As soon as he perceived the ugly truth he had

while it looked as if I’d have to stay caught. They kept me under an armed guard all day. They would probably have bumped me off at the finish if I hadn’t had a bit of luck.’ ‘What was that?’ ‘It started when the crooks fell out among themselves. The old story. Cortello, the man we saw in the pavilion, went off on his own. Sosbell, his partner — he’s the fellow we saw in the teahouse on the main road — must have thought he intended to pull a fast one on him. Perhaps double-cross him by going

been in his own country, he said, a charm, a talisman, that would bring good luck. ‘If we have any more jobs like the last one we shall need it,’ remarked Algy, after he had gone. THE END

talking the matter over at some length, it had been decided to make the flight, the reason being that having seen the house and its surroundings from the air, they would be in a better position to judge the situation. No attempt would be made to land. As Biggles said, one glance from the air would tell them more than any description, written or oral. It should be a simple matter taking not more than half a day. This is what they had just done. The return flight to Kuala Lumpur was made without

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