Biggles and the Black Raider

Biggles and the Black Raider

W. E. Johns

Language: English

Pages: 91


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Central Africa is being plagued by attacks by an African man called Cetezulu and known as 'The Black Elephant'. Air Commodore Raymond sends Biggles and Co. to use their aeroplanes in the hunt to find him. Taking three planes with them, the team lose one when Ginger is caught in a storm, whilst short of fuel, and has to crash land. However, this leads to the unexpected discovery of Cetezulu's secret method of travelling through Central Africa unseen. The team utilises the help of a Masai warrior called Mishu, who was the gun bearer for a Game Warden murdered by Cetezulu. Mishu is saved by Biggles from being murdered by local tribesmen who are also involved in poaching. With the help of Lieutenant Haynes and some soldiers of the King's African Rifles, Cetezulu and his gang are eventually traced to a hiding place in long elephant grass. Here they have hidden almost 500 head of cattle, stolen on various raids. Biggles and Algy use the two remaining aircraft to frighten and stampede the cattle, allowing the soldiers to capture the survivors. Cetezulu pays for his crimes when he meets Mishu, who wants to avenge the death of his employer. The dust cover of the book shows Ginger taking off over some lions, (who unexpectedly lie in his path), whilst he tries to escape from some of Cetezulu's followers.

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Biggles - Air Detective














was appalled by the speed of all this, for it began to look as if Biggles might be overwhelmed after all. Bertie and Algy were both retiring on the aircraft, but the pursuit was swift, and Ginger did not see how the Mosquito could be started up and get clear before it was attacked. What followed held him tense with surprise as well as anxxiety. Clearly, it was the result of some quick thinking on Biggles's part. Ginger could hear him shouting, although to what purpose he did not know. Apparently

started it!" "Too true I did." "Why?" "Because there seemed to be a fair chance of Berttie being turned into a pincushion." "How did you start it?" "By rattling the pebbles near Bertie's elbow with a bullet." "Did you do that?" cried Bertie in a shocked voice. "I did," confessed Ginger. "I tried to warn you." "I'd have you know, my lad," said Bertie seriously "you thundering nearly hit me." "I aimed about ten yards to the right of you." "Then the sooner you put in some target practice,

foot." "We have done quite a bit of flying over the lower slopes Ruwenzori," answered Biggles. "We didn't go over the top, of course, having no reason to. But we've made several flights round the lower part. We haven't seen anything looking like a white man." "I made a crash landing at six thousand feet and had to walk down," put in Ginger with a wan smile. "Oh well. Thanks very much. If you do see anything you might let me know. I shall be about." "Watch the weather," advised Biggles. "The

his machine. I thought it was of no use to anyone except us so I kept it." "You think it might help us in this Elephant business?" enquired Algy. "It might. Allan was apparently a methodical chap and had given his job some thought. He must have decided that it was no use blundering about any how, so he divided the area into sections, each one numbered. I imagined he intended to do one section a day. See what I mean?" Biggles pointed at the map and the others leaned forward to look. Radiating

unless it comes for us!" he snapped. "It's a tricky light." How long they stood there Ginger did not know. Mishu shook off the last of his bonds, and picking up a spear, joined them. Then, suddenly, without a sound, the twin lights went out. Biggles did not move. "Will he come, Mishu?" he asked. "If he is hungry," said the Masai calmly. Even as he spoke, what looked like a black shadow came streaking over the ground towards them. So close to the ground was it, and so silent, that Ginger would

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