Biggles - Air Commodore

Biggles - Air Commodore

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that there was silence, and he hasn’t been able to get a sound since. He thinks something must have gone wrong with the Star’s equipment.’ ‘I don’t,’ muttered Biggles tensely. ‘All right. Ask Lea for the Star’s last known position, and then send a signal to Commander Sullivan telling him to proceed at full speed to the spot. Let me know that position as soon as you get it.’ Biggles hurried back to the cockpit. ‘I don’t like the sound of it,’ he told Algy crisply. ‘Neither Ginger nor Lea can get

at point-blank range, and a sailor fell back into the boat, swearing fluently and clutching his shoulder. Simultaneously a clamour broke out above, exaggerated in its volume by the preceding silence—shouts and screams punctuated by thuds and occasionally shots. Ginger could stand it no longer. Grabbing at the loose end of a trailing rope, he went up the side of the junk like a monkey and threw his leg over the rail. All he could see at first was a confused melee of running men, but presently he

Chinese and Japanese junks during the north-east monsoon when the weather is fine and the sea calm. For the rest of the year, between June and October, when the southwest monsoon is blowing, it can be the very dickens, as a good many Australia-bound fliers know to their cost. We saw two or three junks when we flew over. Queer spot. Sort of place where anything could happen. Do you remember Gilson, Algy, that Political Officer who came to see us at Rangoon after the Li Chi affair?1 I have a vague

armament stores depot capable of supplying a fleet with material, to say nothing of laying a minefield around itself for its own protection. And the concentration of stores was apparently still proceeding, harmless-looking junks being used for the purpose. There was another dark area at the far end of the tiny crater which looked as if it might reveal further secrets, but Biggles had seen enough. He knew all he needed to know, and his one concern now was the destruction of the whole concern. ‘My

puzzled eyes. ‘That’s funny,’ he exclaimed. ‘What is?’ ‘I was speaking to Seafret when the operator cut in and said, “Hang on! Stand by for —” And that’s as far as he got when the instrument went stone dead. I can’t get a kick of any sort out of it.’ ‘I should say they’ve cut the lead-in wire outside,’ answered Biggles, without taking his eyes from the window. ‘They’d be pretty certain to do that as soon as they realized that we might start broadcasting for help. I wonder what Seafret meant by

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