Betsy's Story, 1934 (Secrets of the Manor)

Betsy's Story, 1934 (Secrets of the Manor)

Adele Whitby

Language: English

Pages: 160

ISBN: 1481427520

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Someone is causing trouble at Chatswood Manor and it’s up to Betsy to find the culprit before it’s too late in the fifth book of this fascinating historical fiction series.

Betsy Northrop is about to turn twelve years old and per her family’s tradition, plans are underway for a magnificent birthday ball in her honor. Despite troubling times elsewhere, Betsy’s family is thriving, thanks to the good choices of Betsy’s mother, Beth. But then mishaps—both trivial and disastrous—start plaguing Chatswood Manor. Is someone determined to bring the family to ruin? Betsy vows to expose the culprit, but her home is one where secrets are easily hidden away. Will Betsy be able to uncover the truth and set things right?

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surprise. Mum and Gabrielle weren’t that close; in fact, I’d met Gabrielle only once, and I was so young at the time that I couldn’t even remember her. But I’d heard all about her, and the stories were . . . well, they were outrageous! She’d come to England twenty years ago for Mum’s twelfth birthday ball and had caused quite a scandal when she tried to frame Mum’s lady’s maid, Shannon, for theft. Luckily, Mum had figured out the truth just in time to save Shannon from being sacked, and Gabrielle

lady’s maid for stealing it—when really her own lady’s maid was to blame!” “She sounds like a monster,” Juliette replied. “I hope she doesn’t try to ruin your birthday like she ruined your mother’s.” “I hope not as well,” I echoed. But if Cousin Gabrielle had more mischief in mind, would there be any way to stop her? The next morning I was continuing my letter to Kay when Mum stopped by my room. “It’s such a beautiful day, Betsy,” she said. “Would you like to take a walk in the garden with

story, especially one set in a faraway place and time. Look for more Secrets of the Manor books at your favorite store! Simon Spotlight Simon & Schuster New York Meet the author, watch videos, and get extras at WE HOPE YOU LOVED READING THIS EBOOK! We have SO many more books for kids in the in-beTWEEN age that we’d love to share with you! Sign up for our IN THE MIDDLE books newsletter and you’ll receive news about other

Canceling my birthday ball wasn’t much—it wouldn’t save Vandermeer Steel or keep Kay and her family in their home—but it was something that I could do to acknowledge that I would always stand by my beloved cousin. As soon as Madame Lorraine left, Maggie turned down the covers. “Here, milady. I’ve a fresh nightdress for you,” she began. “Nightdress? Oh, no, Maggie. I don’t want to go to bed. I’m not that bad off, but listen. I’ve had an idea. . . .” She looked at me with wide gray eyes and

smiled as I curtsied to her. Mrs. Markham was known for exaggeration, but the compliment made me happy all the same. “Dinner is served,” Mr. Embry announced in his most somber voice. I followed the group into the dining room and, when everyone was ready to be seated, took my place on Mum’s right side. The footmen had scarcely begun to serve the first course when Lord Turley turned toward me. “Now, now,” he began in his gruff voice. “What’s this nonsense I hear about canceling your birthday

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