Air Force Gator 2: Scales of Justice

Air Force Gator 2: Scales of Justice

Dan Ryckert

Language: English

Pages: 85

ISBN: 0615808956

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

In this sequel to the revolutionary Air Force Gator, eight years have passed since the Crocodile Rock incident that almost irrevocably damaged the United States. Since saving the country on that day, Air Force Gator’s legendary status has grown to unseen heights. His strength is magnified after being exposed to the chemical GatorAid. He’s dating a super hot stripper. Once a desperate and alcoholic whoremonger, the alligator pilot has finally found peace.

When President Obama organizes a rally on the National Mall to honor the inaugural Air Force Gator Day, the heroic reptile plans on announcing his retirement from military duty. His dreams of a quiet retirement come crashing down around him when a fringe group of radical reptiles led by an evil pig farmer interrupts the festivities and carries out a massive terrorist attack. Devastated by the increasingly personal attacks of the Sons of Gustav, it’s time for Gator to lace up his boots again and bring the pain.


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radio," Air Force Gator said. "I'm not letting the President take the fall if I fuck this up, so you need to have plausible deniability. And it's sure as shit not gonna fall on my buddy Razor here." "You think you can take them down alone?" Razor asked. "They just took down one of the country's major cities with a few dozen reptiles and some hick. They're dangerous." "The moment they killed that hot stripper of mine is the moment they made this my war. I do this, and I do it alone." Gator

current, Gator attempted to make it to the edge of the water. Before he did, he realized where he was heading. The river seemed to stop in mid-air, and he heard the crashing of water far below. Air Force Gator was about to plummet off of the largest waterfall in the world. His situation now more dire than he had realized, Gator felt a surge of adrenaline and continued to fight towards the edge of the river. At the bank sat a large, thick branch that was attached to a fallen tree. He was once

didn't help that the pig farmer had repeatedly sent the news media reminders that an attack was looming. Many of these videos featured Razor, held captive in a cage surrounded by belching pigs. No matter how much time analysts spent attempting to narrow down Van Buren's location, they never got any closer to finding him. Under normal circumstances, Layfield and military intelligence would chalk these repeated threats up to mere saber-rattling. However, the pig farmer's devastating assault on New

it. I say tonight's the night we do things right." "I'd be honored, Mr. President," Air Force Gator said. "Plus, ol' scarface here is buying the first round." "Fuck yeah, free booze!" Biden exclaimed as he raised his hands above his head. Air Force Gator, Ray "Razor" Connolly, Pierce, Vice President Joe Biden, and President Barack Obama all turned and exited the stadium, laughing and mocking crap-covered pigs in the parking lot on the way to the nearest watering hole. America was safe again.

too much as a nation to drive rightful U.S. citizens to the fringes of society.” As Obama continued his speech, a considerably more low-key conversation was taking place behind him in the Lincoln Memorial. A massive American flag obscured the iconic statue of our 16th president, where two folding chairs sat at his marble feet. In one chair sat the nation’s Vice President. “Sounds like a big crowd out there, buddy. How come you don’t seem more nervous?,” Joe Biden asked as he finished the ass

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