Addison Wesley Biology 11

Addison Wesley Biology 11

Ray Bowers

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Publication Date: 2001
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It all started in 1665 when Robert Hooke first viewed what he called cells through his homemade microscope. It continues today as biologists use the latest high-tech electron microscopes to reveal the mysteries of cells. You don’t have to be a biologist, however, to benefit from knowledge about cells. Whether you realize it or not, issues concerning cells affect you in your everyday life. Does that new low-fat diet you want to try actually work and is it safe? Why is there such controversy surrounding the use of anabolic steroids in sports? Should the government spend millions of tax dollars to equip hospitals with MRI machines? What is the best way to clean up an oil spill? These questions have one thing in common: they can best be answered using an understanding of cellular functions.

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people assume. The world average for births over the last 20 years is 106 boys for every 100 girls, that is, 51.5% of newborns are sons. However, statistics for Canada show that this rate has fallen over the same period with a decrease of 2.2 males per 1000 births. Studies of this sort were launched following an explosion of a pesticide plant in Italy in 1976 that coincided with a significant increase in girls born to families that were exposed to the pesticide. Discovering Biology Preparing a

inside or outside the cell. Contents Previous Section Researchers now think that lysosomes may also play a role in the ageing process. Apparently lysosomes cannot digest all of the outdated material in a cell. As these compounds accumulate within the lysosomes over time, they cause a decrease in cell functions such as is associated with ageing. Lysosomes in Human Disease A missing or defective enzyme in lysosomes causes Next Section a number of human diseases known as lysosomal storage

sugar (food) oxygen FIGURE 2.17 The chloroplast. Surrounded by a double membrane, chloroplasts are the sites of photosynthesis. Chloroplasts enable plant and some protist cells to use the energy of sunlight to transform water, carbon dioxide, and a few minerals into food materials that sustain most of the life on Earth. Micrograph: ϫ 13 000 Chloroplasts have a double membrane surrounding them and also have an internal membrane system containing light-capturing molecules of chlorophyll. The

positive numbers (if necessary) on your y axis. Use a line of best fit to represent your data points. Analyzing and Interpreting 1. Determine the solute concentration of the potatoes by interpolation (Hint: what percent change in mass would you expect if the sucrose solution had the same solute concentration as the potato section?). 2. Indicate on your graph those solutions that were hypotonic or hypertonic to the potato cytoplasm. 3. Explain your results. For example, explain why some potato

Heredity 155 Contents Character Studied Previous Section Dominant Trait Next Section Recessive Trait Stem Length Tall Dwarf Seed Shape Smooth Wrinkled Seed Color Yellow Green Inflated Wrinkled Green Yellow Flower Color Purple White Flower Position On stem At tip Pod Shape Pod Color FIGURE 6.5 This chart illustrates the seven pea plant characteristics studied by Mendel. Note that the two forms of each trait are easily distinguished from one another. Mendel’s

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