A Horse Called September

A Horse Called September

Anne Digby

Language: English

Pages: 78

ISBN: 0312391439

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Mary Wilkins embarks on a daring scheme to save the life and career of the beloved horse she has looked after while its owner, her childhood best friend, is away at boarding school.

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soon be home and he certainly sensed the lightening of the atmosphere. How else could it be explained that for the past week his jumping had been so much less erratic. He had even earned some words of praise from Mr Dewar the previous day. 'We shall be able to give a good report of you when we see your mistress on Saturday,' he had said to the horse, almost jovially, as Mary came up to lead him away. 'Two clear rounds this afternoon, and good times as well. It'll be some good news after all the

gleaming in the morning sunlight and her figure trim in riding jacket and jodhpurs she was a picture of composure. She was standing with her father and a family friend, surveying the jumps with an experienced eye. As Mary led September through the gate she immediately left her father's side and came across. 'Mary,' she said. 'It's wonderful to see you again.' Mary stared. 'What's the matter, aren't you pleased to see me?' 'I – er – yes, of course, Anna,' Mary said. But inwardly she felt a

heard restless movements inside the van. 'September!' A long, low whinny came to her ears. Mary trembled with relief. September was still alive! 'Hey!' Two men came running out of a hut, where they had been having some lunch. One of them was still chewing a sandwich. They were wearing blue overalls with the monogram R on the front. 'What are you doing in here?' 'Can't you read?' 'Please don't shoot him!' she blurted out helplessly, pointing to the closed door. 'Please—' 'You know the

animal would make it or not. It seemed that Anna was having to work very hard to get him over safely each time and when they got to the 'Demon's Dyke', Mary could hardly bear to look. Yet King of Prussia cleared this jump safely, too, seeming to defy all the laws of gravity as his body wreathed itself over the top and his rear hooves kicked up free of the high brushwood wall at the last possible moment. 'He's efficient, all right,' reflected Mary, 'like a little robot. He's been schooled and

Chapter 12 Face to Face Chapter 13 The Plan Chapter 14 To Imchester Chapter 15 Winning – and Losing Chapter 16 Return to Happiness More Straw Hat eBook collectables Free Download ONE BAD NEWS FOR MARY Anna broke the bad news to Mary on a Thursday evening. Mary was just inside the stable giving September some oats. Anna's words, spoken slowly, shocked her. Only then did she realize that she had been foolish to believe that things would never change on Chestnut Farm, that such a

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