A Good Night for Ghosts

A Good Night for Ghosts

Mary Pope Osborne

Language: English

Pages: 144

ISBN: 0375856498

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Jack and Annie are on their second mission to find—and inspire—artists to bring happiness to millions. After traveling to New Orleans, Jack and Annie come head to head with some real ghosts, as well as discover the world of jazz when they meet a young Louis Armstrong!

From the Hardcover edition.

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on a corner. Dipper, Jack, and Annie ran across the street through the pounding rain. “Get over here, out of the street!” shouted Little Mack. “Before you get hit by lightning!” “Thanks, fellas!” said Dipper. Soaking wet, Jack, Annie, Dipper, Little Mack, Happy, and Big Nose Sidney all crowded together just inside the dark building, looking out at the storm. “Who lives here?” asked Dipper. “Nobody. It’s been empty for years,” said Happy. “Used to be a blacksmith shop,” said Little Mack.

Louisiana, in August 1901 and died in Queens, New York, in July 1971. His friends and family called him Dipper because he had a fondness as a child for a song called “Dippermouth Blues.” All the chapter titles in this book are the titles of songs Louis Armstrong recorded early in his career. A year before he died, Armstrong told a reporter, “I think I had a beautiful life. I didn’t wish for anything that I couldn’t get and I got pretty near everything I wanted because I worked for it.”∗

climbed inside the tree house, they hugged the two young enchanters. “Welcome,” said Kathleen. Her beautiful sea-blue eyes sparkled. “Do you have a new mission for us?” said Jack. “Indeed,” said Teddy, smiling. “Just like last time, Merlin wants you to help a creative person bring his gifts to the world.” “And this will help you,” said Kathleen. She pulled a book from her cloak. “Great!” said Jack. He took the book from Kathleen. The cover showed a street parade with musicians playing

I’ve got those coal cart blues. I’m really all confused… The sky had grown cloudy, and a warm breeze was blowing. Dipper stopped the cart and listened. “Hear that?” he said. “Parade’s coming this way.” Jack heard band music in the distance. “Is that parade for All Saints’ Day?” asked Annie. “Maybe. Or maybe for a million other things,” said Dipper. “Folks in this city will find any excuse for a parade.” Soon the parade came into view. Horseback riders wore plumed hats and black

you.” “I didn’t know a person could make music like that,” said Jack. “Heck, yeah, you can make music any way you want,” said Dipper. “Just listen to the world: There’s church bells, the washerwoman singing about her wash, the ragman blasting his tin horn for folks to bring out their rags. Folks selling things, like that pie man. Listen to him.” Dipper pointed to a man sitting in a red wagon, calling out in a strong, rich voice, “Sweet potato! Sweet potato pie! Lemon pie! Apple pie! Any pie

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